B565m in drug assets seized in North

The Office of the Narcotics Control Board seized assets worth 565 million baht from drug suspects in eight northern provinces between Oct 1 last year and May 1 this year, according to its secretary-general Pongsapat Pongcharoen.

Speaking at a press conference in Chiang Mai, Pol Gen Pongsapat said during the eight months the ONCB had issued 332 orders to seize and freeze assets believed to have been acquired through the drug trade.

There were altogether 1,404 items seized that were worth 565 million baht. The assets included cars, motorcycles, land and buildings, gold and ornaments, cash, bank deposit passbooks, electrical appliances and communications equipment.

Of all the drug cases, 11 involved seizure and freezing of assets worth more than 100 million baht each. They included more than 200 million baht worth of assets seized from a methamphetamine network run by Suchada Thuaypha in Sai Yok district of Kanchanaburi province and about 200 million baht in assets of Manee Khampeera in Mae Sot district of Tak, Pol Gen Pongsapat said.

The Drug Traders Suppression Act of 1991 empowers the ONCB to seize and freeze assets of suspects in drug cases to prevent them from being transferred for concealment or used to run businesses as fronts for the drug trade. It is an important tool for uprooting narcotics networks and unlawful money transfers.

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