University admission changes for 2016

Council of University Presidents of Thailand (Cupt) have agreed to apply a new university central admission system for the education year of 2016.

Under the current central admission system, consideration of university candidates is based on four criteria -- test results from the Ordinary National Education Test (O-Net) organised by the National Institute of Educational Testing Service (Niets); an accumulated grade point average during three year of high school; the General Aptitude Test (GAT); and the  Professional and Academic Aptitude Test (PAT).

In the new central admission system, another criteria - test results based on common subjects - may also be used, Cupt chief Ratchata Ratchatanawin said on Monday.

The council also resolved that universities can continue to hold direct entrance exams, but the examination of common subjects must be held on the same day after students finish basic education.

Faculties requiring specific skill tests will be asked to organise an examination of same subject on the same day too.

He said the goal is to prevent students from taking too many examinations for direct entrance at different universities, which is a current problem in education system.

The council resolved that the General Aptitude Test  and the Professional and Academic Aptitude Test will be held twice a year and students can choose the best result.

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