New panel to plan economic zones

The National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) has set up a special economic zone committee to promote trade and investment, it was announced on Monday.

Its duties are to draft the criteria and details of the establishment and operations the zones, as well as a master plan, to be approved by the NCPO.

It will supervise, follow up and evaluate the operations and report the progress to the NCPO.

It can set up sub-committees and issue regulations, announcements and orders to achieve the goals.  

The chairman of the committee is the NCPO chief or one of his deputies appointed by him.

The permanent secretaries of nine ministries are members: PM's office, finance foreign affairs, agriculture, transport, commerce, interior affairs, labour, and industry.

The heads of five agencies are also members: the National Security Council, Council of State, Board of Investment, Budget Bureau and National Police.

Members from the private sector are chairmen of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, Federation of Thai Industries and Thai Bankers' Association.

The secretary general of the National Economic and Social Development Board is secretary to the committee and his deputy is its deputy secretary. Both are also committee members.

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