Car splits in two, driver unhurt

PHITSANULOK — A businessman miraculously escaped death after he crashed his 36-million baht jet-black Lamborghini so forcefully that the vehicle was split into two.

The accident occurred between kilometre markers 19 and 20 of the Phitsanulok-Nakhonsawan Road in tambon Tao Dam of Bang Rakam district at about 6pm on Tuesday.

A paramedic said he arrived at the scene and saw the owner of the wrecked coal-black Lamborghini standing by the road, talking on the phone with his insurance representative. He sustained only minor injuries. 

He was identified as Pitak Riangsima, 40, owner of Unicity, a US-based networking marketing company.  

Mr Pitak told police he left Bangkok to attend a meeting in Phitsanulok.

He said he was pushing the Lamborghini at about 150km per hour in heavy rain when the crash occurred. He said he careered off the slippery road and slammed into a tree at full speed. He then stepped out of the car, at which point he discovered it was in two pieces. 

Before the crash, the businessman said he stopped at a temple in Nakhonsawan province to make merit and his friend warned him that he should  wear a Buddha amulet while driving a long distance. He then put on the amulet.

Mr Pitak told authorities it was a very rare amulet of a highly revered Buddhist monk, selling for millions of baht.

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