NCPO offering 'short-term solutions'

Most economists surveyed by Bangkok University thought the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) has come up with only short-term solutions in its first month in control of the country.

The Bangkok Poll centre and the faculty of economics of Bangkok University conducted the survey on the NCPO's performance in the past month. The poll involved 60 economists at 27 leading organisations whose opinions were collected from June 18 to 25, the university said.

The survey found that 62.6% of the respondents thought the NCPO's solutions issued in the first month since the May 22 coup would have only short-term effects; 18.5% were of the view that long-term effects were possible; and 10.6% did not think they would make any difference.

Surveyed economists agreed the NCPO's regulation of state enterprises and foreign labour would have both short- and long-term effects.  

What they thought would fail or be effective only briefly were the suppression of gambling, casinos and the underground lottery.

On the NCPO's national reconciliation efforts, 53.3% of surveyed economists thought they would be successful for only a short while and 20.0% expected them to fail. Also, 78.3% said the NCPO's "Returning happiness to Thai people" activities would be only temporarily effective. 

Surveyed economists were of the view the NCPO lacked long-term solutions and capable advisers and that old problems might return in the future.

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