Expelled monk jailed for child rape

The Criminal Court has handed down an 11-year jail term to a former monk at Wat Bang Bua in Bangkok’s Chatuchak district for the rape of a 14-year old girl, then reduced the sentence by half because he pleaded guilty.

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Sanan Kamseedaeng, 65, formerly Phra Maha Sanan Atipattho of Wat Bang Bua, was convicted of  raping the girl on the afternoon of May 28, 2013.

The court heard that he called the girl asking her to visit him at his quarters in the temple. The girl went with two friends. She was asked to buy alcohol, soda and ice at a nearby shop.

When she returned, she spilled water on the floor so she cleaned it up. As she was doing that the monk took off her pants and had sex with her.

The two friends waiting outside later knocked on the door so the monk got dressed, told her to dress  and opened the door.

The monk gave 119 baht to the girl and another 100 baht to her friends.

The girl’s mother went to report to the police after she found contraceptive pills in the girl’s student bag and questioned her.

 Sanan was expelled from the monkhood and charged.

The court believed the girl's story  and gave Sanan six years in prison for the rape of an underage girl and another five years for taking a girl below 15 years old from her parents for molestation. Sanan initially denied the charges, but later confessed during the trial.

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