BMA reports rampant canal intrusion

About 5,000 households are encroaching on Bangkok's remaining canals according to a city survey, and the figure is expected to double by the time officials complete their study of the capital's waterways.

Deputy city clerk Sanya Chinimitr said the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration’s 50 district offices have completed 57% of the survey and had found 4,771 houses encroached on nine major canals in the capital. 

Mr Sanya was speaking at a meeting with BMA officials to report progress on preparations for this year's rainy season. The district offices were due to report their final findings for the nine major canals and 34 minor canals on July 15. 

Mr Sanya said he expected the number of houses in canal-side communities that intruded on city waterways would reach 10,000 by the time the survey was finished. 

The BMA had tried to solve the problem for a long time, he said. It would forward the survey results to all concerned agencies to deal with the issue.

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