NCPO opens hotlines based on 1111

The National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) has launched a 24-hour “1111 Contact Centre” which offers four channels for the general public to send in their complaints, tip-offs, suggestions and critiques.

The four channels are -, Hotline Call Centre 1111 (extension 2), PO Box 1111 (stamps not needed) and contact in person at NCPO’s Contact Centre at Gate 4 of Government House.

Sompas Nilpan, inspector-general of the Prime Minister's Office, told Thai Rath Online that people who have grievances or leads to illegal activities such as drugs and casinos are urged to send their information to any channel that is convenient for them.  

The 1111 hotline has 100 officials who will receive calls, record information and operate a 24-hour traceback system to all issues reported in. 

Mr Sompas said the public could ask the authorities about the progress of any approach they have made to the hotline service. The NCPO would coordinate with agencies relevant to the petition and keep the people informed with updates on progress. 

The centre would work quickly on matters deemed urgent but manageable and use existing mechanisms to deal with problems that require legal solutions.

Mr Sompas encouraged people to contact the 1111 centre with their recommendations or comments on bureaucratic reform, national reform, solutions to corruption, reconciliation efforts and so on.

He promised that all matters lodged with the centre would be given in a brief directly to NCPO chief Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha every day.

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