Two police killed in Tak Bai ambush

Two policemen were killed in an ambush by militants and two villagers were wounded by stray bullets in Narathiwat's Tak Bai district late on Saturday night.

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Pol Lt Col Wuthichai Laobutsri, a duty officer at Tak Bai police station, said the incident occurred at 11.50pm on a road near Ban Taba in tambon Jehae in Tak Bai district.

According to police questioning of witnesses, a team of six policemen was patrolling on motorcycles in the area and at least ten militants, divided into three groups hiding on the roadside, opened fire at them.  

Pol Cpl Suvit Taweeta, the team leader, and Pol L/Cpl Winai Khamsai, who were riding on the third motorcycle were shot and killed instantly.

The militants took two rifles and two handguns off the two officers.

The other four policemen called for reinforcements. A clash followed for about 20 minutes before the militants withdrew.

Two villagers, Aree Riabroy and Sitimariyae bin Buesa, both natives of tambon Jehae of Tak Bai district, were wounded by stray bullets.

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