US, EC reaction not worrying - Poll

Most Thai people have dismissed the reaction of the United States and the European Union to the May 22 military takeover, according to a Nida Poll conducted by the National Institute for Development Administration.

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The poll was conducted on June 25-26 on 1,251 people of various age groups, occupations and education throughout the country to ask if they were worried by the US cuts of security and military aid to Thailand and the downgrading of Thailand over the problem of human trafficking, and the EU's suspension of the signing of international agreements and an exchange of visits by Thai and EU officials.

On the US aid cuts, 55.96% of the respondents said they were not worried at all, 18.78% were somewhat worried, 16.47% a bit more worried, 8.55% much worried and 0.24% had no comment.

On the EU's reaction, 51.24% said they were not worried at all, 21.24% mildly worried, 15.75% a little concerned, 10.95% much worried and 0.32% no comment.

On the US downgrading of Thailand over the problem of human trafficking, 38.93% were not worried at all, 27.10% rather worried, 19.90% much worried, 13.19% a little worried and 0.88% no comment. 

Asked which country or group of countries they think can be trusted or is most friendly to Thailand, most of the respondents - 41.09% - pointed to the Association of South East Asean Nations (Asean), 32.69% China, 11.91% Japan, 3.12% the US, 1.84% Australia, 1.20% the EU, 0.72% mentioned Bhutan, South Korea, Canada, Russia and trading partners, 1.12% said no countries can be trusted and 6.31% no answer.

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