Health insurance cards for migrants

Migrant workers from Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos can buy health insurance cards, which come in two prices — 500 baht for three months and 900 baht for six months.

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Their family members or followers can also buy the card and be covered under Thailand's health insurance system, according to a public health regulation announced on Friday.

If a physical checkup is needed, such as those granted temporary relaxation in Samut Sakhon, the fee is 500 baht each, bringing the total health care cost to 1,000 baht and 1,400 baht for three and six months respectively.

Once the card expires, they can buy another one using a health certificate not older than one year. 

After this relaxation period, the Public Health Ministry will offer a 2,100-baht package to new migrant workers of the three nationalities.

It includes a physical checkup and a 1,600-baht one-year health insurance card.

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