Modern weapons in wat paintings gone

CHIANG MAI - Wat Chedi Luang has removed all wall paintings showing ancient soldiers carrying modern weapons.

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The temple in Muang district said the controversial weapns in the paintings had been replaced by ancient weapons, including swords and spears.

The changes followed criticism that it was  inappropriate for the temple to put contemporary weapons in the paintings at the City Pillar hall. The weapons included an M79 grenade launcher, an M16 rifle, a pistol, a hand grenade and a sniper rifle. The paintings now show ancient warriors holding weapons appropriate to their era.

Phra Khru Sophon Kaweewat, the project supervisor, on June 15 defended the inclusion of modern weapons in the painting, saying it was the work of the artist and not politically motivated.

They were displayed at a time when the conflict between the government led by then-prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra and anti-government demonstrators was at its height.

The paintings drew local and foreign tourists to the temple.

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