Dawn car crash kills 3, injures 2

CHUMPHON — Three young men were killed and two others badly injured in a car crash early Tuesday morning when the driver apparently fell asleep after they had been up all night watching the second round World Cup match between Germany and Algeria.

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A paramedic team and police were called to the accident scene near Makro wholesale outlet on an outbound lane of Pathomporn T-junction-Muang Road in Muang district about 5am, shortly after the Germany-Algeria game ended in extra time. 

They found an overturned, wrecked Toyota up against a utility pole and five young men aged between 17 and 23 years trapped inside. 

Three men in the car wreck died at the scene, Pol Lt Narin Rodchu, a duty officer at Muang police station, said. They were driver Gonjanart Tatiyawiwat, 23, Apiwat Mekpayome, 20, Alongkorn Himwangthong, 22.

Two others — Nattawut Rodyuoo, 23, and Songpol Mekpayong, 17 — were rushed to hospitals in critical condition.  

Pol Lt Narin said a long skid mark was found at the scene and the car hit a roadside flower pot before ramming into the power pole, which was about 10 metres farther up the road. 

He assumed the group was travelling home after staying in town to watch the Germany-Algeria live broadcast, that started at 3am. 

It seemed likely the driver nodded off to sleep behind the wheel and lost control while driving at high speed. Police would question the injured passengers once they recovered to ascertain the facts, Pol Lt Narin added.

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