Dissenter Sombat released on bail

Sombat Boonngamanong, leader of the Red Sunday group, has been released on bail by the Bangkok Military Court.

The court granted him the bail on Tuesday when police took Mr Sombat to the Bangkok Military Court to seek permission to detain him for another 12 days.

Mr Sombat was arrested for defying the National Council for Peace and Order's summons to report to the authorities, and charged with inciting unrest in violation of Section 116 of the Criminal Code and violating the Computer Crimes Act.  He had been detained at the Bangkok Remand Prison.

On being released, he was taken to Roi Et province to hear a lese majeste charge filed against him on Jan 5, before the imposition of nationwide martial law.

In Roi Et, his wife Duangrudee Wiputpanich posted 300,000 baht as security for his release.

The provincial court granted him bail.

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