Alerts added to prevent bill shocks

Authorities have stepped up supervision on mobile payments through direct carrier billing (DCB) following incidents of bill shock up 600,000 baht.

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DCB is the method of charging purchases to a customer's mobile phone account. 

The move comes after reports of children racking up bills up to 600,000 baht after playing games on their parents' smartphones.

The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) met on Wednesday with representatives from Google (Thailand), Naver Line, the operator of messaging app Line, and other mobile payment service providers.

The NBTC required that all operators send parental SMS alerts to keep parents updated on the payments their children have made, said secretary general Thakoon Tanthasith.    

Google (Thailand) agreed to add an extra layer of password verification every time a payment is made through Google Play, its online marketplace for mobile apps including games.

The media company will also send confirmation email in Thai to the account owner with each purchase.

Advanced Wireless Network will limit each payment through DCB at 1,000 baht. It must also be within the designated credit line of each mobile number.

The mobile payment service subsidiary of Advanced Info Service Plc (AIS) will also send SMS to alert the owner as soon as a payment is made. 

Representatives of Naver Line came to the meeting as observers since all games promoted through its Line are purchased as normal apps.

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