New form of ya ba found in North

Chiang Mai police say they are investigating a new and potentially more dangerous form of methamphetamine pills coloured orange with white flakes that glitter when exposed to light.

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The new style was discovered when police arrested a Leesaw hilltribe couple in a sting operation in Wiang Pa Pao district of Chiang Rai on Tuesday and seized 94,000 ya ba pills.

Deputy commander of Provincial Police Region 5 Tanitsak Teerasawat said on Wednesday the arrested couple, identified as Weerachart Sook, 27, and Namoey Ja-ua, 32, were part of a major drug trafficking network active in Wiang Pa Pao and districts of Phrao and Chiang Dao in neighbbouring Chiang Mai. 

The pair were hired to deliver the speed pills for 100,000 baht and allowed undercover police who posed as buyers to collect the drug first and pay money later, indicating that the gang wanted to clear the illicit drug from their stock as police are taking decisive action against them, Pol Maj Gen Tanitsak said. 

The seized ya ba had three different logos: a handshake, 5&9 and 999. The orange pills appeared to be mixed with a substance that sparkled like a diamond when shown in light and was believed to be more harmful. Forensic police were examining the ingredients used in the drug, Pol Maj Gen Tanitsak said. 

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