NCPO: No July 4 invite, no problem

The National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) understands why its leaders were not invited to the United States embassy Independence Day celebration in Bangkok on Thursday night, a spokesman said.

Col Winthai Suvaree said the US embassy might have to take precautions for such a public gathering. This was understandable.

The celebration is scheduled at the Conrad Bangkok Hotel on Friday night, to celebrate the US national day, July 4. No generals from the NCPO were invited.

Col Winthai said  formal meetings between the US ambassador to Bangkok and representatives of Thai military organisations continue at appropriate levels.

"I confirm that most cooperation at the armed forces level, through many projects with the US, Australia and European countries, proceed as usual," the spokesman said.

Those present in the US embassy's party on Thursday night included ML Panadda Diskul, permanent secretary of the PM's Office, NCPO spokesman Col Werachon Sukondhapatipak, and many key figures and supporters of the past Yingluck Shinawatra government.

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