Bangkok dropped from Top 10

Bangkok has lost its top spot and dropped entirely from the Top 10 of the world's best cities to visit in a poll based on the survey of Travel + Leisure magazine readers.

Last year, Bangkok ranked as the No.1 must-visit city on Earth. The magazine now has dropped the city entirely from the world list, and relegated to third-best in Asia . With a score of 88.32, Bangkok was toppled by Kyoto, which scored 90.21.

The Japanese ancient capital rose from the second best Asian city in the 2013 survey and was voted as the world's top destination overall this year.

Bangkok dropped to the third on the Asia list, also overtaken by Siem Reap, with a score of 89.82, rising from the 4th place last year.

For the US and Canada, Charleston, South Carolina, remains the top city while Mexico City leads on the Mexico and Central and South America list.

In Europe, Florence replaced Istanbul at the top while Jerusalem beat Cape Town in the Africa and the Middle East ranking.

Sydney remains at the top spot on the Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific ranking. 

The survey gave scores to each city based on votes received from readers. Poll participants were asked to judge destinations on a variety of factors including culture, arts, food and value for money.

Respondents were screened to remove travel-industry professionals from the vote, according to the magazine’s website.

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