Improvements expected after reforms

A majority of Thais believe the political situation will improve after reforms, according to an opinion poll conducted by the National Institute of Development Administration (Nida).

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The poll was carried out to assess people's opinion on "the National Council for Peace and Order's time-frame for national reforms" between July 2-3. It covered 1,256 people of various occupations and levels of education.

The NCPO has set a 12-month time-frame to complete the country's reforms before holding an election in October next year.

Asked to comment on the deadline, 58.6% of the respondents thought it was suitable, 21.34% said it was too long, 17.75% too short and 2.31% no comment.  

On the political situation after the reforms and the election, 35.43% believed it would slightly improve, 35.43% thought it would improve a lot, 20.30% said it would be the same, 3.74% foresaw the worst and 4.62% had no comment.

Asked which problem was most likely to be solved in the reforms, 43.55% pointed to eradication of corruption among politicians and government officials, 24.68% political conflict, 9.08% politicians' unfavourable behaviour, 4.78% domination of political parties by capital groups, 3.6% balance of power between the executive and legislative branches, 1.59% voting-buying, 1.35% efficiency of independent agencies, and the rest had no comment.

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