Social media 'fixes' bus stop seating

Social media pressure has forced City Hall to fix the height of ridiculously low bus stop benches near Chatuchak Park, after images were circulated on the internet and drew widespread criticism and mockery.

The images of the bus stop benches near exit 2 of the Chatuchak MRT Station went viral after a member of, a popular Thai-language website and discussion forum, posted them online last week. 

The benches were so low that no one could sit on them comfortably  after roadworks raised the height of the  footpath in the area twice, but left the bus stop benches at the same level.

Many Pantip members asked a same question, why the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration did not raise the height to the seats at the same time, instead of leaving a "Thailand only" bus stop.

Some said the benches were good only as a dog rest.

The waiting passenger seats were back at a proper height, for humans, on Monday.  

Noopakij Sanyanujit, director of the Chatuchak district office, said he had ordered the public works department to quickly fix the problem as soon as he was aware of it. The repairs were completed over the weekend, he said.

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