Vietnam rice exports fall 9%

Vietnam's rice exports in May fell 9% year-on-year, but rebounded from the previous month.

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The US Department of Agriculture said Vietnam exported about 585,346 tonnes of rice in May, up 9% from April's approximately 538,623 tonnes, but down from May 2013's 645,998 tonnes.

Asia accounted for about 497,526 tonnes, or 85%, of total rice exports by Vietnam in May, up about 41% from about 352,778 tonnes in April. The country's Asian market share remained up 27% year-on-year, according to global rice-news website Oryza.

Vietnam exported around 35,008 tonnes of rice to Africa in May, down about 66% month-on-month from around 101,779 tonnes. and dropping 81% from May 2013's 181,287 tonnes.

Vietnam exported around 42,961 tonnes to US destinations in May, down about 40% from 71,693 tonnes the previous month and falling 16% from a year earlier.

Shipments to Europe and CIS countries accounted for around 9,054 tonnes, down about 15% month-on-month and dropping 57% annually. Exports to Australia also declined on a consecutive-year and consecutive-month basis by 6% and 53%, respectively.

In terms of grade, 15% broken rice exports accounted for 282,316 tons, or about 48% of total exports in May. Exports of 5% broken rice accounted for 99,408 tons or about 17% of total May exports). Vietnam's 25% broken rice exports accounted for 12,154 tons or about 2% of total exports, in May.

Jasmine rice exports accounted for 109,484 tonnes, or about 19% of total May exports.

Glutinous rice exports accounted for 58,823 tonnes or about 10% of total May exports. All other varieties made up 4% of exports.

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