Man busted after drunken rampage

A drunken man went on the rampage inside a detention cell of a Bangkok police station and tried to bribe officers and reporters to secure his release after being arrested for allegedly assaulting a woman.

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Khlong Tan police went to Royal Condominium on Pattanakarn Soi 30 in Suan Luang area at 10am Monday after receiving reports a woman had been dragged into a car and assaulted by a man.

They found a Thai man and a foreign woman, both aged 24. The man was later identified as Hassan Beelan, who appeared to be intoxicated. They were found sitting in a new white SLK Mercedes.   

The woman, who looked terrified, told the police she was assaulted and threatened by Mr Hassan, her ex-boyfriend who had been trying to reconcile with her. She left him because he frequently beat her. 

The officers seized a bottle of brandy and an assault rifle-style BB gun found in Mr Hassan’s car and took the pair to the police station for questioning. 

Mr Hassan’s drunken rampage began shortly after he arrived at the police station when he started to yell and swear at the officers. He also asked them the typical question: “Do you know who my father is?” 

The police then detained him in a cell in order to calm him down. But the man continued to yell, banged his head against iron bars and a wall, as well as destroyed a toilet bowl and a security camera inside the cell. 

Mr Hassan kept swearing at and threatening the police in the process. The native of Yala claimed he was a model for many fashion magazines and asked to meet reporters.

When encountering them, he said he destroyed the cell because he wanted to know why he had been arrested when all he did was trying to reconcile with his ex-girlfriend.

Mr Hassan offered to give 100,000 baht in cash to the police and reporters who could help him out of the cell. The drunken man harangued and threw objects at them after he was told to calm down and his offer was rejected. 

The man continued to make the scene for three hours before several police officers entered the cell to handcuff and detain him separately. 

At one point, a man identified as Wisut Limwattana, 54, turned up to file a complaint with the police, accusing Mr Hazan of hitting his car on Pattanakarn Soi 32 at about 9am. He said Mr Hassan offered to give him 5,000 baht in cash after the crash but he insisted to call his insurance representative. Mr Hazan then got in his car and drove away.   

Mr Hassan, however, continued to surprise the police after a check on his criminal record found he was a stateless man.

Pol Lt Juthapong Charndilok, an investigator at Khlong Tan police station, said he would check the man's identity with the Immigration Bureau and conduct a urine drug test on him. 

Mr Hassan will be initially charged with harassing people while under the influence, hit-and-run, insulting officials on duty, destroying state property, and carrying imitated firearms, Pol Lt Juthapong said.

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