Police promotion criteria changes

The National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) on Monday night changed the structure of the Board of the Royal Thai Police Office and criteria for the promotion of police officers including the appointment of the national police chief.

In the Board of the Royal Thai Police, the permanent secretary for defence becomes a new ex-officio member while the ministers of justice and interior are excluded. The number of expert members in the board drops from four to two and the Senate will select them.

The national police chief, instead of the prime minister, is authorised to propose his successor and the nominee must be selected only from among the serving deputy national police chiefs  and inspectors-general of the Royal Thai Police Office.

Earlier all police generals could be candidates.

The Board of the Royal Thai Police will consider the nomination proposed by the national police chief and then seek royal approval for the appointment of his successor.

The NCPO also ordered that the promotion of police officers adhere to the principle of seniority, based firstly on the duration the person has held a position before promotion, followed by the length of service as a commissioned officer, and age. This is viewed as an attempt to curb lobbying for unfair promotion in the police force.

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