UDD guards' leader denies accusation

The leader of the red-shirt United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship's security guards, Aree Krainara, has denied any involvement in the M79 grenade attack that killed three people, including two children, in front of Big C store on Ratchadamri road in central Bangkok on Feb 23.

Police have obtained court warrants for the arrest of seven suspects, and four of them have already been apprehended.

One of the arrested, Chatchawal Prabbamrung, told police he and other suspects were hired to make the attack by a man called "Tom", who claimed he was a subordinate acting for Mr Aree.

Mr Aree, a former secretary to the interior minister in the Yingluck Shinawatra government, said he did not know any of the seven men named in the arrest warrants.

"Those who took part in UDD protests from 2006 should know well that I never resorted to violence. We adhered to the Ahimsa principle of peaceful struggle," he said.

Mr Aree said he had consutled the UDD's team of lawyers and would take legal action against his accusers and news media that published the "false accusation".

He would file a complaint with Crime Supression Division police on Thursday morning, he said.

Mr Aree reported to NCPO after being summoned. He is one of the suspects in terrorism cases relating  the 2010 political violence.

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