Thai worker moves to Israel halted

The Labour Department has suspended the deployment of Thai workers to six zones in Israel considered dangerous following a request from the Thai embassy there, employment chief Sumeth Mahosoth said.

The six dangerous zones are Eshkol, Bnei Shimon, Merhavim, Sdot Negiev, Hof Eshkelon and Sha'ar HaNegev where 4,276 Thai workers now work.  They are about 20 kilometres from the Gaza Strip.

There are now 25,000 Thai workers in Israel.

Mr Sumeth said the situation in general is still normal.  There has been no plan to evacuate the Thai workers and none of them have been hurt by the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine.

In Libya, Thai workers there have been told to contact the Thai embassy if they want to be evacuated voluntarily from their work areas.  In such a case, the embassy will coordinate with concerned agencies there for necessary arrangements.

So far, no warning has been issued for the Thai workers in Libya to prepare for evacuation, he said.

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