'Reconciliation fair' at Sanam Luang

The National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) is organising a four-day "reconciliation fair" at Sanam Luang on July 22-25 to return happiness to people and mark two months since its takeover of the country's administration.

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On Tuesday, July 22:  from 5.30pm, there will be a musical orchestral show by the four armed forces, followed by video presentations to promote national reconciliation.  The film "Legend of King Naresuan 1" will be shown from 9pm.

On Wednesday, July 23: starting 5.30pm there will be an Islamic religious prayer for happiness; 6.30pm, arts and cultural shows by the Education Ministry; and 8pm, the film "Legend of King Naresuan 2".

On Thursday, July 24: 6.30pm, a panel discussion on ways of reform and reconciliation; 7pm, a musical show; and, 8pm, the film "Legend of King Naresuan 3".

On Friday, July 25: 6pm, a musical show by the Education Ministry; 6.30pm, a panel discussion on reform and reconciliation; and, 8pm, the film "Legend of King Naresuan 5."

Everyday before 6pm there will be sales of "Blue Flag" goods at special prices.

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