Newly registered alien workers healthy

About 110,000 Myanmar, Lao and Cambodian workers have registered at the new one-stop services centres and most of them were healthy, the Ministry of Public Health announced on Wednesday.

Dr Narong Sahamethapat, permanent secretary for public health, said employers took about 110,000 alien workers to register at the 34 one-stop centres nationwide.

Health officials provided checkup services at those centres to quickly include them in Thai disease control system.

The checkups from June 30 to July 15 covered about 110,000 alien workers who now health care cards they can use to seek medical services at specified hospitals.

Dr Supakit Sirilak, senior expert on preventive medicine at the Ministry of Public Health, said all registered alien workers had their lungs X-rayed for tuberculosis checks, their blood tested for syphilis and elephantiasis, and their urine tested for drug addiction. Past checkups showed that most registered workers were healthy, he said.

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