Ayutthaya to relocate huge garbage pile

AYUTTHAYA – Around 400,000 tonnes of putrid garbage rotting in a dump managed by Phra Nakhon Sri Ayutthaya municipality will be shifted to a new large landfill site within a year.

Management of the rapidly accumulating heap of refuse in the municipality is an urgent project that must be addressed, provincial governor Wittaya Piewpong said on Wednesday.

He  said Ayutthaya was among the top 10 provinces with the highest amount of garbage in the country. 

The current 33-rai Ban Pom dump was overfull, with garbage piled up to the height of an eight-storey building. A fire had started in the  landfill in May this year, ignited by heat and gas generated from the accumulated rubbish.

All the garbage would be moved to a new 370-rai site about five kilometres away. The municipality would install a pollution-free garbage incinerator there in a joint investment with the private sector, and produce electricity from the process. 

The provincial governor was confident this pilot project would be acceptable to the whole province. 

The municipality would aim to finish the relocation of garbage and construction of the incinerator within a year, Mr Wittaya said.

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