TPI Polene accused of forest intrusion

The Forest Department has charged TPI Polene Plc, Thailand's third largest cement manufacturer, with encroaching on a forest on Kaeng Khoi mountain in Kaeng Khoi district of Saraburi province.

Theerapat Prayurasiddhi, director-general of the department, said on Thursday that the company had a quarry concession on 7,000 rai (about 11 square kilometres) of the mountain, but encroached on the forest at three locations totallng about 800 rai (about 1.3 square kilometres).

Quarry blasting in the areas had blown rocks into an adjacent village and the residents then filed complaints.

Mr Theerapat said his department was taking legal action against the company and all the encroached areas were taken back.

"Forest Department involved must be questioned about why this happened because the encroachment has not just occurred, but has continued for quite some time," the Forest Department chief said.

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