Cool dip banned in Ranong

RANONG — Ranong municipality has prohibited people from taking a cool dip in a canal in front of Ranong's mineral hot springs, because a strong current could cost them their life.

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Pinit Tansakul, mayor of Ranong municipality, said the province had seen heavy rainfall and strong water currents for a month, resulting in floods in several areas.

Since there is a risk of water runoff from the mountains, the municipality banned all people, locals and tourists, from taking a dip in Khlong Had Som Paen.

The canal runs in front of Raksa Warin Park, a popular tourist spot where there are three hot springs, the about 65 degrees celsius.

The water in the canal currently is dark yellow with strong current after continuous rainfall. 

"Normally, people are allowed a dip in the canal to cool off.

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