No HIV tests on job seekers

The National Human Rights Commission has urged employers not to require job seekers to take an HIV test as this is viewed as a human rights violation.

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The commission issued a statement on Friday seeking cooperation from all employers in the government and the private sectors, as well as independent organisations and state enterprises.

It stated that it had received complaints against employers' demands for blood tests for HIV on job applicants.

The commission also said that its research on discrimination against HIV-infected employees together with the Social Research Institute of Chulalongkorn University found people with HIV were facing many forms of discrimination at their workplaces.

Some employers even use the results as one of the criteria for hiring.

The commission said the HIV test requirement on job applicants was equivalent to violating the right of people's body.

The infringement could have direct impacts on the persons in economic and social contexts and their self-esteem and indirect impacts on their families.

The commission also urged affected people to file complaints with it.

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