64 arrested in Klong Toey drug raid

Police and soldiers searched 30 houses in Bangkok's Klong Toey community on Saturday following a tip-off on drug abuse and trade.

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The force, led by deputy police chief Pongsapat Pongcharoen, searched houses with existing warrants in 20 spots in Klong Toey and another 30 spots in nearby areas.

They arrested 64 suspects of whom 61 are users and one each for possessing ice (methamphetamine), yabaa (amphetamine) and guns as well as bullets.

They also seized the drugs and usage equipment.

The raid also marked the first time the narcotics trace detection system developed by Hitachi was used.

The system could give results of different types of narcotic abuse in 10 seconds by testing users' sweat.

After a urine test was done on the users, the authorities will send them to be treated while the traders will be prosecuted, said Pol Gen Pongsapat.

They found most of the users had been treated more than once but used again after returning to the same environments.

The team therefore contacted Bangkok Metropolitan Administration to help develop the area into a drug-free zone.

The operation will be repeated in the area until the goal is achieved.

The same method will be used in other communities as the authorities believe large dealers would not exist if there were no small drug users and traders.  

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