NCPO must continue: Poll

A majority of people have voiced support for an interim constitution provision to continue the role of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) so it can oversee reforms, according to a NIDA Poll by the National Institute of Development Administration.

The poll was carried out on July 24-25 on 1,256 people of various levels of education and occupations throughout the country to gather their opinion on the NCPO and its mission to return happiness to the people.

The majority, or 79.94%, of the respondents agreed to an interim constitution provision for the NCPO to remain in existence to oversee the country's reform process, 11.23% disagreed and the rest had no comment.

Asked about their level of happiness after two months of the NCPO's handling of the country's administration, 66.48% said they were happier than before because politics has become less chaotic, 27.94% said they were as happy as before, 4.94% said they had become less happy and 0.64% had no comment.

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