Journalists meet over NCPO warning

The Press Council of Thailand will hold a meeting on Tuesday to consider the National Council for Peace and Order's warning issued on Saturday against Manager Weekly for allegedly publishing false information with a dishonest intention to discredit it, Thansetthakij Online reported, citing a Facebook posting by council chairman Jakrit Permpoon.

The warning was made in the NCPO's order No.108. The alleged false statements said to have been intended to discredit the NCPO were published in the July 26-Aug 1 issue of Manager Weekly, Volume No 251.

The statements allegedly appeared in several articles of the weekly, defying the NCPO's announcement No.103, which was amended from announcement No.97, prohibiting the media from making comments critical of the NCPO and its staff.

Mr Jakrit said in his posting that under NCPO announcement No.103, the Press Council of Thailand, of which the Manager Weekly is a member, is duty-bound to conduct an ethical investigation of the newspaper and report the result of the investigation to the NCPO.

He said the council would hold a meeting to consider the issue on Tuesday. If Manager Weekly is found to have violated journalistic and professional ethics, action would be taken against it in an honest and straightforward manner, he added.

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