Jobless rate continues to rise to 1.1%

Unemployment continued to increase to 1.1% in June, with university graduates making up the largest group, according to official statistics.

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During the month, 448,000 were without jobs, up 220,000 year-on-year and 86,000 from the previous month, Viboondhat Sudhantanakit, director general of the National Statistical Office, said on Monday.

Of the total, 203,000 were first-time job-seekers.

Of the total unemployed, 130,000 were in the service and trade sector, 70,000 in the manufacturing sector and 45,000 in the farm sector.

A breakdown by education showed 160,000 of the unemployed were university graduates (2.1%) while 103,000 finished junior high school (1.7%), 88,000 finished high school, 65000 finished elementary school (0.7%) and 32,000 had lower education or none (0.1%).

"The jobless numbers are high during this time of year as the academic year has just ended, with new supply entering the job market," he said

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