Govt chief's hi-low game busted

SURIN - The chief of a tambon administration organisation was caught red-handed hosting a hi-low dice game for gamblers.

Col Sakchai Thongnum of the Surin Army District led a group of soldiers to round up five fortune seekers playing the game in a tent at Ban Sapanhan in Muang district.

One of the five was Surasak Sinprakhon, chief of the Tambon Thung Mon Admistration Organisation, who, police said, admitted he was the host.

They also seized the hi-low kit, 800 baht in cash, three motorcycles and two pick-up trucks.

The crackdown came after villagers and their village chief lodged complaints to the army district that police had ignored their demand to take action against the gamblers, who played the dice game everyday and disturbed them with loud noise.

All five gamblers were escorted to Thung Mon police station and soldiers stayed on instead of returning to the barracks until a police on duty recorded the arrest and filed charges against them.

The army officer said the army will report the behaviour of Mr Surasak to their supervisors and recommended disciplinary punishment against him.

All local administration organisations are under supervision of the Local Administration Department of the Interior Ministry.

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