Apps spread ‘bizarre’ language

Social media is a source of many ungrammatical and bizarre Thai words, a university poll says.

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A total of 77.4% of respondents in the Bangkok Poll said Facebook and Line are spreading strange words, while 15.8% say they heard odd words from friends and 6.8% from TV, according to pollster Bangkok University, which recently surveyed 1,218 people in Bangkok and neighbouring provinces.

Respondents aged 15-35 years old were polled on their mother tongue ahead of Thai Language Day, which falls today. It found 38.8% think strange words are just a trend and do not mind imitating others. About 32% use ungrammatical words because they are easier to spell, while 26.9% like the strangeness of the words because it makes them laugh.

Only 19.2% follow the way their teachers speak, the poll found.

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