Website to watch kids at game shops

The Department of Cultural Promotion plans an internet network that will allow parents to observe their children at video game shops via closed circuit cameraa connected to the department’s website.

Department director-general Chai Nakhonchai said the planned IT network will be implemented nationwide with a pilot project first in Bangkok, where there are more than 6,000 game shops.

The system would connect game shops’ cameras, along with Google Maps, so parents would be able to see inside the shops and know the exact location of the shop when they see their children playing games there.

The department will add an icon on the homepage of its website Browsing this icon, viewers will see game shops nationwide, by province and district, or they can search from the shops’ addresses.

Mr Chai said the department would require game shops to register player's 13-digit identification card to verify their identity.

The concept is to allow the public to monitor the game shops in general while parents would be able to observe their own children. People who find game shops violating the law could immediately report it to the department, via the website.

The department will try to finish installing the system soon and monitoring may be later expanded to mobile applications.

He said the department had no intention to find fault with game shops, but there were many complaints about them allowing children to use the services during prohibited periods. Some shops also open   beyond legal operating hours.

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