Dad jailed for raping twin girls, 14

TRANG - A mother of twin girls turned in their father to police, alleging he repeatedly raped one and sexually harassed the other.

The unidentified mother took one of her 14-year-olds to Palian police station Tuesday to report the serial rapes, which she told investigators she had just learned of. The mother alleged her ex-husband molested his daughter every Saturday since March 2013 and had tried, but failed, to rape the other.

Police detained the unnamed father, who denied the accusation, claiming his ex-wife had tried to frame him out of jealous over his affair with another woman. Police filed preliminary rape charges and are opposing any bail.

The mother, who is a fruit merchant at a market in the district, said the suspect sexually harassed her other twin daughter, but that the girl fought back, preventing any rape.

She said they had lived as a family until the girls were six. He'd then been imprisoned for attempted murder and was released in 2012. After that, they'd started seeing each other again, with him staying at the house on weekends when the girls were home alone as the mother worked.

A quarrel over the father's alleged affair with another woman ended the rekindled romance. However, the mother told police, she wanted to reunite the family and recently decided to let her ex-husband, now working as a rubber-tapper, to return. It was then her daughters revealed their secret.

Pol Maj Chumpol Duangkong, an investigator at the police station, questioned both girls and sent them for physical examinations at the hospital. Results are expected within a month.

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