Poll: Most satisfied with NLA make-up

Most of the people voice satisfaction with the composition of the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) as announced by the National Council for Peace and Order (NLA) on July 31, according to Suan Dusit Poll.

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The poll was conducted on 1,214 people throughout the country on Aug 1-2 to gauge their opinion on the NLA.

Asked whether they are satisfied with the list of NLA members, 47.83% said they were since all of those appointed are believed to have the required experiences and capability, 38.04% said they were fairly satisfied with those on the list because they represent capable persons of various groups, and the rest were not satisfied.

On their expections of the NLA members, 84.43% hoped they are good, honest, capable and experienced; 70.59% wished they work for the interests of the majority; 68.70% wanted them to properly perform the legislative duty, particularly concerning eradication of corruption; and 58.89% hoped they would be acceptable both inside and outside the country.

Concerning their general views on the make-up of the NLA, 81.38% said it comprises mainly military personnel as expected; 78.91% said the list had drawn both agreement and disagreement; 73.39% believed the NLA make-up was intended to expedite the NCPO's road map; and 54.04% suggested the qualifications of NLA members should be checked to make sure they do not go against the interim constitution.

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