NLA without politicians backed - Poll

A majority of people agreed with the interim constitution for barring politicians from being appointed to the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) and the constitution drafting committee (CDA), according to Nida Poll.

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The poll was conducted by the National Institute of Development Administration (Nida) on 1,248 people of various levels of education and occupation throughout the country to gather their opinion on the power of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) and NLA.

Asked what they think about current and former holders of posts in political parties being barred from sitting on the NLA and CDA, a majority or 71.31% said they agreed with this, saying that it is a way of preventing politicians from using their influence more for own rather than the country's interests; 22.04% disagreed with this provision, reasoning that politicians with high experience should be allowed to have a say in the two bodies; and, 6.65% no comments.

On the NCPO's power to ask the NLA to seek a resolution of its members to remove the prime minister, a majority or 61.70% agreed with this, reasoning an incapable prime minister should not be allowed to continue taking the helm of the country's administration; 31.57% disagreed, saying that the people should have their part in deciding this matter; and 6.73% no comments.

Asked to comment on the NLA's power to call a general debate on the performance of the cabinet without calling a vote, 57.77% agreed with it, saying that this would allow cabinet members to explain their work; 31.89% disagreed, reasoning that the debate should be followed by a vote of confidence or no-confidence; and, 10.34% no comments.

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