THAI takes up Ebola measures

Thai Airways International has taken preventive measures in the wake of the Ebola virus disease outbreak in Africa.

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Although the flag carrier does not fly to Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia where the disease is spreading, it started implementing additional measures as a precaution, said Sqn Ldr Pongpeera Paisarnkulwong, vice-president for aviation safety, security and standards.

THAI flies to Johannesburg three times a week, its only service to the continent.

At present, there has been no report of Ebola cases in Thailand.

The airline will screen passengers and ground customers. Passengers will be monitored for symptoms before check-ins. If necessary, a medical certificate may be required.

Passengers will also be monitored in-flight.

Aircraft will be disinfected frequently such as when they park at airports. Cabin deep cleaning will be conducted and 36 more contact spots will be added to the routine.

Cabin crew will be equipped with personal hygiene equipment on board. They will also receive healthcare training.

Cargo will be inspected more thoroughly and high-risk products will not be shipped.

Raw materials for in-flight meals will be carefully sourced. This, coupled with the hygienic, standardised cooking method, eliminates contamination risks.

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