Martial law will continue: Prayuth

Thailand’s military regime has no immediate plans to lift martial law as the National Council for Peace and Order begins providing security for the soon-to-be-formed government, NCPO chief Prayuth Chan-ocha said Monday.

The army chief also urged all unit commanders to be vigilent in enforcing it.

Martial law was declared on May 20 followed by the military coup announced by Gen Prayuth two days later.

In Monday's meeting, the general told his subordinates that while marital law will remain in effect for the foreseeable future, the military needed to keep the public informed about its enforcement.

Once the newly appointed National Legislative Assembly convenes, the NCPO will shift from overall administration of the country to maintaining stability and security, he said.

The NLA) will convene this month to select a prime minister. Gen Prayuth currently is the leading contender for the prime minister's job, as he is due to retire from the military at the end of September.

Gen Prayuth chairs the seven-member NCPO and the council is expected to add eight more members in a meeting on Tuesday in line with the provisional charter which allows 15 members in the NCPO.

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