Tarit-linked houses 'demolished'

Two resort buildings that encroached on forest behind a fenced hotel compound owned by former special investigation chief Tarit Pengdith's wife in a forest of Nakhon Ratchasima province were reportedly demolished three days ago.

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They stood on land adjacent to the home-stay hotel owned by Wassamol Pengdith, whose husband Tarit who is the former director-general of the Department of Special Investigation.

It was alleged that the houses belonged to Mrs Wassamol's friend, Mrs Wanthana Pithakchaisiri, and encroached on a hilly section of about 9,600 square metres in a forest reserve in Nong Namdaeng sub-district  of Pak Chong district, Nakhon Ratchasima.

Authorities had planned to demolish them tomorrow.

However, according to ThaiRath online, about 10 workers tore them down three days ago, leaving only stones and lumps of concrete there.

Forest officials could not reach the area as it was inside the fence around Mr Tarit's wife's protperty and the front gate had a sign banning public access to the compound, described as "private property".

Mr Tarit was quoted as saying his wife had a land right document for property in the area and she did not own any buildings outside the compound.

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