Yingluck case sent to attorney general

The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) has forwarded a case in which Yingluck Shinawatra was accused of dereliction of duty in the rice-pledging scheme to the attorney general.

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The NACC ruled unanimously on July 18 there were sufficient grounds to the allegations that Ms Yingluck was negligent in failing to scrap the pledging scheme despite knowing it was plagued with corruption and huge losses.

By law, the NACC will have to forward the case to the Office of the Attorney-General (OAG) for prosecution if the OAG agrees with it.

Five cases containing 4,000 pages of documents were delivered to the OAG Tuesday morning.

Santanee Ditsayabut, deputy spokesperson of the OAG, said the office would set up a working panel, chaired by the deputy attorney general, to consider the evidence and witnesses carefully.

If the panel is of the opinion the case has grounds, it will prosecute the former prime minister and file a suit against her with the Supreme Court's Criminal Division for Person Holding Political Positions as required by law.

But if it finds there is not enough information, it will set up a joint panel with the NACC to reconsider the case.

In the meantime, Ms Yingluck may continue to seek justice and call more witnesses in her defence.

If she does, the OAG will determine whether the new witnesses or evidence are redundant, what new information they would bring and whether they can challenge existing witnesses and evidence, Ms Santanee said.

If the OAG decides to press the charge, it can do so in Ms Yingluck's absence.

Ms Yingluck left for a vacation in Europe and the United States on July 23. She said she would return on Aug 10.

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