Killer doctor to treat addicts

Killer doctor Wisut Boonkasemsanti should be required to treat drug addicts while on parole for the next three years, Kannikar Saengthong, director-general of the Department of Probation, said Tuesday.

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"Dr Wisut was a doctor. When he was in jail, he applied his profession to treat sick inmates. The Department of Probation has a large number of those on parole for drug cases, so it wants Dr Wisut to help screen and rehabilitate those who use addictive drugs. They are considered patients who deserve treatment. This will be discussed with Dr Wisut first," Mrs Kannikar said.

Wisut was released on parole Monday after serving 10 years and seven months in jail for murdering of his wife, Dr Phasssaporn, and disposing of her chopped-up remains in toilets at a Chulalongkorn University dormitory and the Sofitel Central Hotel in Lat Phrao in 2001.

Mrs Kannikar said it benefits parolees like Wisut to contribute to society as many released from jail feel they have no value to society. She said her department wants people on parole to participate in socially beneficial volunteer projects.

However, she noted, the Medical Council of Thailand will make the ultimate decision on whether the former gynaecologist can treat patients as a practitioner.

Wisut was sentenced to die in 2003 after DNA evidence eventually was used to convict him. Numerous royal decrees commuted and reduced his sentence after he provided treatment to sick inmates.

Before getting parole, he had less than five years left on his jail term. Wisut still has to report regularly to the Department of Probation until Sept 24, 2017.

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