NCPO raises judges' allowance

The National Council for Peace and Order on Wednesday approved spending an additional 500 million baht to raise inflation-cushioning allowances for all the kingdom’s judges.

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Increases in existing cost-of-living allowances (COLA) will go into effect for judges of all levels Oct 1. 

Under the new scheme, Level 3 judges would receive a 6,800 baht special COLA per month, council spokesman Yongyuth Maiyalarp said.

Their Level 4 and 5 colleagues would be paid 7,300 baht and 12,500 a month, respectively.

The special COLA for senior judges would be based on their positions, Mr Yongyuth said.

Mr Yongyuth noted that the NCPO is still studying a previous proposal to raise the base salaries of nearly two million state officials by 8%, or about 2,000 baht.

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