Yingluck's lawyer petitions OAG

A lawyer representing Yingluck Shinawatra on Wednesday filed a petition to the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) asking that it ensure justice and fairness for the former prime minister in the rice-pledging case.

The petition was received by Somkiat Kuwawatananont, deputy secretary to the attorney general.

Norawit Lalaeng, the lawyer, said the National Anti-Corruption Commission's  investigation report on the case was incomplete and lacked details on many points because it was prepared in haste. 

The NACC report accuses Ms Yingluck of corruption in every step of the rice-pledging process but provides no evidence to back up the accusations, he said.

Moreover, the committee set up by the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) to inspect the quality and quantity of pledged rice had found the amount of rotten rice stored at warehouses was less than the criterion set to determine the damage.  This showed that there was no corruption in the programme.

Therefore, he believed the OAG would accept the petition and give Ms Yingluck due justice, Mr Norawit said.

The lawyer said if the OAG found the NACC's investigation report was not complete and a joint OAG-NACC committee was set up to further investigate the case, he had 50 witnesses ready to testify in Ms Yingluck's defence.

He said this was not a time-buying tactic because the accused has the right to a defence.

It was also Ms Yingluck's wish to provide as many factual details as possible so that all parties concerned could take them for consideration, the lawyer added.

On July 17, the NACC recommended Ms Yingluck be indicted for dereliction of duty in failing to deal with corruption and losses in the rice-pledging scheme. The NACC estimates the rice scheme lost at least 500 billion baht, a cost born by taxpayers.

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