Happiness TV moving time again

The army chief will postpone his weekly programme this Friday from 5pm to 8.15pm to allow live broadcast of a volleyball match between Thailand and the Dominican Republic.

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The National Council for Peace and Order on Wednesday announced the rescheduled national televised of Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha after a request sent to the council to move the broadcast to allow for showing of the FIVB World Grand Prix game.

The Thai women's national volleyball team will take on the Dominican Republic at Hua Mark Indoor Stadium in their first match hosted by Thailand. The match starts at 4pm.

Ironically, it was a volleyball match that spurred the army chief to move his Returning Happiness to the People programme to 5pm last week.

World No. 12 Thailand recorded only one win with two points after six matches in the 12-team elite division after upsetting Serbia in South Korea two weeks ago before the tournament moved to Hong Kong and now Bangkok. The Dominican Republic ranks eighth in the world.

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