B20m in assets seized in drug bust

Police and soldiers have seized assets worth more than 20 million baht from a Chinese man arrested on drug trafficking charges in Chiang Mai on Saturday.

Sorawit Kitpakpong, also known as Ajong, a 41-year-old of Haw ethnic origin, was believed to be involved with a major illicit drug business, said Pol Col Weerawut Niamnoi, deputy chief of the Chiang Mai police.

The seized assets comprised five vehicles, 9.5 million baht in cash, 70 baht-weight (1,060 grammes) of gold bars and two title deeds. They were collected from three houses used by the suspect: in Nong Pa Khrang and Fa Ham sub-disticts of Muang Chiang Mai district and in San Phranet sub-district of San Sai district.

Authorities also seized speed pills and crystal methamphetamine, along with four guns and rounds of ammunition.

The suspect denied he was involved in any drug business. Police have charged him with illegal possession of methamphetamine for sale and unauthorised possession of a firearm and ammunition.

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